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HAMBURG, GERMANY, September 9, 2014 — The MarineLine® 784 cargo tank coating system from Advanced Polymer Coatings (APC), used worldwide on chemical and product tankers to transport a wide range of liquid cargoes, is making news at SMM 2014, the world’s leading maritime industry trade fair.

More than 600 ships have used the innovative MarineLine® tank coating and the number is expected to climb in the months following SMM 2014 as new coatings advancements are introduced and coatings contracts are wrapped up at the trade fair.


APC has continued its pioneering work in cargo tank coatings by developing a new ‘Eco-Friendly’ MarineLine® 784 formulation with added performance benefits.

APC has reduced the VOC level of MarineLine® 784 to only 30 grams per litre, which is the lowest level of any other cargo tank coating. This new coating formulation can be sprayed by several methods. The first method uses plural component equipment to separately hold the coating components (resin and catalyst) until spraying occurs. This reduces waste and eliminates the need for added solvent. The other method, airless spraying, can be used after adding in a recommended amount of non-VOC solvent to the coating prior to application. As these developments show, APC is trying to lead the maritime industry into using more advanced spray technologies that other industrial markets are already successfully using.

A key performance feature of new MarineLine® 784 is its ability to resist Methanol up to 50°C. This is a growing need by shipowners and operators, especially carrying Methanol in the Middle East region, where temperatures can escalate. This capability is made possible because APC has engineered even tighter crosslinking in MarineLine® 784’s ladder-like structure, with very small openings between the rungs. This is far superior to the large openings of Phenol Epoxy coatings.

When cured, MarineLine® 784 is virtually impenetrable by preventing even very small chemical molecules from entering into the polymer structure. With over 600 chemical and product tankers coated with MarineLine®, this is the only proven high performance cargo tank lining that withstands all IMO approved chemical cargoes. MarineLine® 784 provides more chemical resistance than stainless steel and phenolic epoxies, with superior resistance to acids, alkalis and solvents such as Methanol.


An APC inspector checks the application of the GuardLine® cargo tank coating at the YARDIMCI Shipyard in Turkey on a newbuild Palmali Shipping vessel.


APC is also making a strong push at SMM 2014 with its GuardLine® cargo tank coating. This breakthrough ‘low temperature cure’ tank coating is offered at a reduced price from MarineLine®, as the coating does not require heat curing. This provides shipowners and operators with a choice of MarineLine® 784 — for higher level chemical service, or GuardLine® — for its excellent ability to carry less severe cargoes such as CPPs, Bio-Fuels, Vegetable and Edible Oils, and DPPs.

GuardLine®’s unique advantages are greater versatility and chemical resistance than any Phenolic Epoxy or Zinc coating on the market today, but at a cost that is comparable to these coatings.

GuardLine®, with its distinctive blue colour, only requires an ambient cure at +25°C (+77°F) to achieve high service capability. This tank coating is also engineered with an Eco-friendly ultra low VOC formulation, and can be applied by plural component or airless spray equipment.


Because of the broad versatility of both MarineLine® 784 and GuardLine®, APC is now in the process of working on several vessels and signing contracts for others. Currently a multi-vessel tank coating project is underway at YARDIMCI Shipyard in Tuzla, Turkey, which is using GuardLine® cargo tank coating for product tankers now under construction for Palmali Shipping.

Additionally, APC is working with a number of shipowners and shipyards on new contracts for 2015 and beyond. With MarineLine and GuardLine coatings, these ships will offer the most sequencing possibilities of any tank coating with the capability to carry higher specification cargoes, and easily switch cargoes with few to no restrictions.

Since its inception, APC has been an innovative, forward looking company that is committed to advancement through good engineering, science and research and development, and years of field study. This is what has made the company successful in the past, and will continue to drive future growth.

For more information on the MarineLine® 784 and GuardLine cargo tank coating systems, visit  and visit the MarineLine Stand at SMM 2014 in Hamburg, Germany, from September 9-12, 2014.