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Advanced Polymer Coatings Achieves ADR Approval for Transport of Dangerous Goods in Tanks

Advanced Polymer Coatings (APC) has received approval from the Turkish Standards Institution (TSE) for the company’s MarineLine® and ChemLine® coatings products, according to ADR regulations for road tanker transportation.

The Turkish Standards Institution has issued a certificate to APC’s operations in Turkey that (translated) reads as, “Transportation of dangerous goods in order to protective coatings to be used in tanks manufactured, the material to be transported, if the tank construction material and the equipments which suitability is proven by the Marine Line Coating San.İç Ve Dış Tic.A.S., TURKİSH STANDARD INSTITUTION gives ADR approval for the transactions made according to the legislation.”

The ADR approval was given after Marine Line Coating San.İç Ve Dış Tic.A.S. presented to the TSE a number of independent test results of the coatings with analysis and reference lists of completed projects. The TSE then checked the company’s facilities and observed how the coatings’ applications were done, and also tested finished MarineLine® and ChemLine® coating samples.