Advanced Polymer Coatings News

Photo Credit to Mr. David Firth. Stolt-Sinochem’s ship, the M/T “Royal Crystal 7”) is one of many chemical tanker newbuilds from South Korea that feature Advanced Polymer Coatings’ MarineLine® system to protect its liquid cargo tanks.

In South Korea, one of the hottest shipbuilding markets in the world, MarineLine® coating is standing out as the lining of choice for cargo tanks of chemical tankers.

Just one year ago, the first chemical tanker in Korea, the 3,500dwt “M/T Samho Snipe” was coated with MarineLine for Samho Shipping Company. A total of 10 tanks were coated on this vessel. During the rest of 2006, four additional vessels were coated, each approximately 13,000dwt with 14 tanks in each, bringing the year-end total to 5 ships. Already in 2007, there are 27 more ships that have already been or that will be coated with MarineLine, and in 2008, there are presently 24 ships under contract to be coated.

The success of the MarineLine coating from Advanced Polymer Coatings (Avon, Ohio, USA), is definitely because of the growing reputation among shipowners that MarineLine® performs as specified. The coating can handle the full range of IBC cargoes, with many carriers possibly hauling several types of aggressive bulk liquids on one voyage in separate tanks, and then carrying totally different chemicals and/or edible oils on the next trip, all with no problems and no contamination.

According to Mr. Don Keehan, Chairman of Advanced Polymer Coatings, “The explosive growth in Korea is coming at the request of a number of owners who agree that MarineLine-coated tanks ensure high purity of cargoes from loading until unloading. Samho Shipping specified the first Korean MarineLine-based orders of several ships including the M/T Samho Crystal. Other companies have also completed tankers that are now in or nearing service with MarineLine including Stolt-Sinochem (M/T Royal Emerald, M/T SC Shanghai, and M/T Royal Crystal 7), Tesma Singapore Pte. (M/T Sichem Manila), Eitzen Chemical (M/T Sichem Edinburgh), Gagasan Shipping (a NB yet to be named), Sekwang Shipping Co. Ltd. (M/T Royal Peridot), and the latest company being Daelim H&I Co. Ltd., based in Seoul, South Korea.

Daelim’s newest ship, the M/T DL Aster, a 13,000dwt with 14 tanks carrying ABS IMO II Classification, launched only several weeks ago at 21st Century Shipbuilding and should be ready by October 2007. 21st Century Shipbuilding has been very active with chemical tanker constructions, as well as other Korean shipbuilders that include Samho Shipyards, Sekwang Shipyards, STX Shipyards, and others. Newbuild chemical tankers under construction at these facilities now cover a range of sizes from 10,800dwt to 38,000dwt.

One of the keys to success in Korea is the superb inspection and heat curing work being done by MarineLine Korea, headed by S.K. Son, CEO. The Dae Han Company, highly regarded by shipowners for its quality application and attention to service, completed the application of MarineLine. They specialize in all types of marine coatings application, from cargo tanks to ballast tanks to hulls, and are thus familiar with the correct way to approach the necessary work.

According to Mr. Keehan, “APC started working with Mr. Son’s application company in 2005. Their close attention to detail was a very positive sign, and soon after we established MarineLine Korea to service the growing market there. APC’s own MarineLine inspectors work closely with the MarineLine Korea applicators to ensure proper surface preparation, a smooth surface finish, and a proper heat cure. A smooth hard surface finish of the MarineLine translates into a faster turnaround in port, so ship owners can quickly recoup their investments.”

Mr. Keehan adds that Korea is the number one shipbuilding country in the world, a position they will likely hold for the foreseeable future. “Korean shipyards build good quality vessels and have a track record of expertise with chemical and product carriers. We look forward to broadening our success in Korea in the coming years as we capture a larger share of the newbuild tanker market requiring high performance tank coatings.”