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MUMBAI, INDIA, April 7, 2016 – Amfico Agencies Pvt. Ltd. announced a new agreement with Advanced Polymer Coatings Inc. (APC), based in Avon, Ohio, USA for marketing representation of APC’s ChemLine® coatings for the Indian market, at today’s opening of the Chemspec India 2016 event in Mumbai, India.

Advanced Polymer Coatings (APC) is an industry-leading corrosion prevention company, focused on innovative high performance ChemLine®-brand coatings that protect industrial structures and transportation equipment and tanks around the world.

Amfico Agencies is part of the K.B. Cooper Group of Companies, specializing in handling chemicals and liquid cargoes in bulk vessels, tank containers, IBCs, and other types of specialized containers, as well as allied services. The company represents international firms to provide smooth entry into India’s industrial markets. Amfico Agencies is headquartered in Mumbai and is well-networked in India, either directly or through agents in Kandla, Mundra, Pipavav, Delhi, Goa, Chennai, Vizag, Kochi, and Kolkata, as well as other parts of the Indian sub-continent, UAE and Saudi Arabia. The company most recently celebrated its 50 anniversary since its founding in 1965.

According to Mr. Farhad K. Cooper, Managing Director of the K. B. Cooper Group, who has been instrumental in developing the tank container business, “The chemical market in India continues to grow and expand. There is an expanding need for special tank containers with superior protective linings such as ChemLine® that can handle corrosive chemicals. These types of tank containers offer higher value and produce greater revenue. In addition, as Amfico Agencies starts to bring ChemLine® coatings into other industrial markets beyond transportation, such as Power-Generating Facilities, Chemical Processing, and Tank Storage Depots, this will provide great benefit to the Indian industrial sector,” he adds.

Signing of the new ChemLine Rep agreement for India between APC and Amfico Agencies.

Chemspec India 2016 is an ideal launch point for the announcement of this new marketing agreement, as APC is co-exhibiting at the event with Amfico Agencies.

Chemspec India is India's only dedicated fine and specialty chemicals event where more than 10,000 attendees will see the latest information on the chemical sector.

Photo: (Left) Mr. Donald J. Keehan, Chairman of Advanced Polymer Coatings and (Right) Mr. Farhad Cooper, Managing Director of the K.B. Cooper Group of Companies, the parent company of Amfico Agencies Pvt. Ltd., attend the signing of the new ChemLine® marketing representation agreement for India between the companies, along with other members of the management, marketing and sales teams.

Why is ChemLine® a Better Coating?

ChemLine® can carry and/or hold more than 5,000 thousand different chemical cargoes including strong acids, alkalis, gases, solvents, oxidizers and many other liquids.

ChemLine® uses a unique patented polymer formulation that results in a highly cross-linked, virtually non-permeable coating that does not absorb chemicals. This allows for easy tank cleaning and switching of chemicals without the risk of contamination from previous chemicals stored. This ability to handle multiple chemicals provides for maximum utilization of tank assets. ChemLine® also exhibits superior bond strength and adhesion to metal substrates, composites and concrete.

The ChemLine® system is based on a multi-step process that includes proper surface preparation and blasting, coating application, inspection, and heat curing. ChemLine® has appointed experienced applicators in India that understand the proper application of the coating. The application is typically done in two steps, first as a base coat followed by a top coat.

Following application, ChemLine® is heat cured, which results in a cross-linking of the polymers together into a tightly knit, extremely dense 3-dimensional molecular structure. Unlike other coatings, ChemLine® cross-links through an ether (carbon-oxygen-carbon) linkage. This eliminates high concentrations of hydroxyl groups (found in epoxies) and precludes formation of ester groups (found in vinylesters) that are subject to hydrolysis and acid attack. After curing, the ChemLine® has a smooth gloss finish that is easily cleaned.

ChemLine® serves several functions; to protect equipment from leakage and corrosion, and when applicable, to protect the chemical and/other liquid contained inside to ensure product purity. ChemLine® is ideal for a number of applications such as over-the road tankers, rail tank cars, IBCs, tank containers, bulk storage tanks, chemical processing and reactors, power generation equipment, scrubber columns, FGC units, stacks, ducks, mining, structural steel, concrete protection, waste-water treatment, secondary container areas, slurry tanks, pits, sumps, clarifiers, pipes, petroleum and refining, and floors.

According to Mr. Farhad K. Cooper, “ChemLine® is definitely a superior coating. As Indian companies now move to higher spec chemical products, they need a high performance protective coating to ensure against corrosion protection. ChemLine® is the solution, he says.”

Mr. Donald J. Keehan, Chairman of Advanced Polymer Coatings adds, “We are pleased with our new marketing relationship with Amfico Agencies. India is fast-growing market in the chemical sector and our ChemLine® coatings are ideally suited to solve many challenging corrosion problems.”

For more information on how ChemLine® can benefit your Tank Container lining requirements, contact APC Global Tank Container Manager Martin Kilroe at or Advanced Polymer Coatings, Avon, Ohio, USA 44011. Phone: +01 440 937-6218. APC Website:

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