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ISTANBUL, TURKEY, March 25, 2009 — This week, at the 2009 Europort Istanbul International Maritime Exhibition, Advanced Polymer Coatings (Avon, Ohio, U.S.A.) presented the ‘green technology’ of the MarineLine® tank lining system, developed to protect maritime chemical tankers and their cargos. ‘Green’ products, based on sound environmental policies, are becoming an important component in how companies do business today.

The MarineLine® coating being heat-cured at a shipyard in Turkey. MarineLine® Turkey headquarters is based in Tuzla, Turkey.


MarineLine® coatings technology is formulated on a tightly knit, cross-linked organic-inorganic polymer structure, that when heat cured, creates a nearly impermeable barrier. The coating resists chemical attack from a wide range of aggressive cargoes and assures product purity from port to port, virtually eliminating tainted cargoes from being discarded, a problem that can occur with conventional epoxy coatings. This is a real plus for the environment.

Shipowners and chemical companies specify MarineLine® as the cargo tank lining of choice for all types of aggressive chemical cargos, CPPs, and edible oils.

In addition to the chemical resistance performance, the extremely smooth, hard, slick surface of MarineLine® makes tank cleaning an easy process. During port changeover, no extensive cleaning chemicals are needed to wash the tank walls, thus greatly reducing the use of cleaning chemicals, requiring less fuel consumption for cleaning equipment, and lowering emissions, all excellent ‘green’ advantages. Faster cleaning also leads to prompt turnaround, so chemical carriers can go back into service quickly, maximizing the usage of the vessels, another ‘green’ concept.

MarineLine®, which is sometimes referred to as ‘liquid stainless steel,’ is coated directly onto the carbon steel substrate of the ship’s tanks. This replaces the need to fabricate tanks made of stainless steel that can be very costly. It is estimated by APC that a carbon steel tank coated with MarineLine® cost less than one-sixth of the price for an equivalent tank fabricated in stainless steel, thus further preserving resources of the shipowner and shipyard, an additional ‘green’ benefit.

Today, hundreds of ships have been coated with MarineLine® in shipyards throughout the world, including many of the specialty chemical transport ships built in Turkey. The first MarineLine® ship coated in Turkey occurred in 2001 and within just seven years, Advanced Polymer Coatings celebrated its milestone 150th ship coated there.

To meet the growing demand for shipbuilding activity in Turkey, Advanced Polymer Coatings opened MarineLine Turkey in 2001, and later established a Regional Office in Tuzla. From this location, logistics are arranged for more than 40 shipyards throughout Turkey performing MarineLine® spray application and heat-curing. These shipyards dot the Turkish coastlines, and during the past several years have included: Celiktekne, Cicek, Celiktrans, Dearsan, Desan, Eregli, Gisan, Marmara, RMK, Sahincelik, Tersan, Torlak, Turkter, Torgem, TVK, Soli, Besiktas, Yardimci, Yildirim, Istanbul, and others.

The MarineLine® operation in Turkey currently employs 20 people to service the region. These personnel offer expertise in inspection and heat cure as well as years of experience working onboard vessels as masters and officers. This experience enables them to work with shipowners on their tank cleaning, tank coating evaluation, repairs, and commercial efficiency in ship operations, in order to create a unique partnership with the ship owner and shipyard to ensure long term benefits of MarineLine®.

At EuroPort Istanbul, Advanced Polymer Coatings will present the ‘green’ benefits of the MarineLine® system for the Turkish maritime community. The exhibition is organized in exclusive cooperation with the Turkish Chamber of Shipping (TCS) and is the prime gathering for ship owners, shipyards and maritime equipment suppliers. Europort Istanbul is the focal event to showcase Turkey’s growing importance in international shipbuilding sector, with its emphasis on building cargo and specialty tanker ships. In this specialty niche, many Turkish shipyards focus on high-value, made-to-order ships, especially in the chemical tanker sector, which is a natural fit with the MarineLine® tank coating system that has been developed for lining the tanks of chemical carriers.