The breakthrough low temperature cure cargo tank coating innovation for product/parcel tankers.


Advanced Polymer Coatings, the company that pioneered the breakthrough tank coating MarineLine® for chemical tankers, offers the latest tank coating innovation for product/parcel tankers... GuardLine®.

Profit from GuardLine®

Generate a Strong Return on Investment (ROI)

This new coating provides a safe and effective tank lining system. This coating is based on an ambient cure (+25°C/+77°F), and is recommended for product/parcel tankers and barges carrying:

  • Bio-Fuels
  • Clean Petroleum Products (CPPs)
  • Vegetable and Edible Oils
  • PFADs
  • Dirty Petroleum Products (DPPs)
  • Wine

Key GuardLine® Performance Benefits and Product Highlights

Utilizes new eco-friendly formulation system with ultra-low VOCs.
  • Faster, easier, more efficient tank cleaning due to low surface energy smooth surface
  • Virtually non-permeable, steam cleanable, and field repairable
  • Minor tank touch-up repairs done easily
  • Higher elasticity giving greater toughness and durability for long service life
  • Superior bonding qualities
  • Greater corrosion resistance than Phenolic Epoxies and Zinc coatings
  • Resists acidified moisture (Sulphuric Acid) of wet inert gas systems, providing long-term coatings performance
  • Exceptional toughness and high impact resistance
  • Consistent product purity
  • Complies with all FDA regulations
  • Maximum versatility; product cycling
  • Ambient or low temperature forced air cure
  • Substantial operational savings over the life of the ship
  • Shipowners generate strong Return on Investment (ROI)
  • GuardLine® is offered at a cost comparable to Phenolic Epoxies

GuardLine® Cargo Sequencing Examples

The following cargoes represent some of the many various sequencing options possible with the GuardLine® cargo tank coating system.


Physical Data - GuardLine®

Color (Normal) Light Blue/Red
V.O.C. Level. 36 grams/L
Lead/Chromate Content Zero
Pot Life 30-45 minutes @ 24˚ C (75˚ F)
Viscosity Reduction Reduce with Toluene or Xylene
Solids by Volume (as shipped) 98% (+/- 1%)
Theoretical Coverage 2.9 m2/L @ 300 microns
Recommended DFT Average; Steel: 300 microns
Shelf Life 12 months


Substrate Temperature and Minimal Time Prior to Carrying CPP Cargoes

Number of Days
20°C (68°F) 10 days
25°C (77°F) 7 days
30°C (86°F) 5 days


This is Only A Reference Guide
This information is intended to serve as a reference guide only. The end user is responsible for determining if this is the appropriate coating for the specific application involved. Contact your APC Representative or the APC Customer Service Hotline +01 440-937-6218 for detailed specifications prior to any final coatings recommendation or application.


Determine which APC Cargo Tank Coating System is Best for Your Needs

GuardLine® (Ambient Cure +25°C/+77°F)

Provides product/parcel tanker owners who trade in the CPP, Bio-Fuels, Vegetable and Edible Oils, and DPP markets, with a coating that offers greater versatility and chemical resistance than any Phenolic Epoxy or Zinc coating on the market today and at a comparable cost. Combine this with the ease of application and cleaning and the owner can maximize return on investment in a short period of time. A lower cost solution, but not able to carry more aggressive chemicals.

MarineLine® (Forced Hot Air Heat Cure)

Outperforms stainless steel and all other coatings providing the highest chemical resistance available on the market today. Being heat cured in the shipyard enables MarineLine® coated tanks to carry aggressive cargoes immediately after leaving the shipyard without restrictions, allowing the ship owner to earn premium chartering rates from day one. A higher cost solution, but able to carry the widest range of chemical and product cargoes.

Over 700 ships coated with MarineLine®.


History of Performance

APC coatings and linings have been proven worldwide under the most arduous operating conditions. From resisting the most aggressive cargoes to handling hot cargoes in the sub-freezing arctic, MarineLine®-coated ships have withstood the tremendous stresses and extremes of changing cargoes almost on a weekly basis. Based on this experience, the development of GuardLine® represents a quantum leap in tank lining technology.


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