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David J. Keehan Named President of Advanced Polymer Coatings

APC has promoted David J. Keehan to President of the high performance industrial coatings company. He previously served as APC Vice President of Sales and Marketing from 1993 to 2017. The senior management team at APC now includes Donald J. Keehan, Chairman, David J. Keehan, President, Denise Keehan, Executive Vice President, and Darrin J. Keehan, Vice President of Manufacturing and Technical Services. Read the full story.

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David J. Keehan

Robinway Dairy LLC Protects Milk House Floor and Collection Areas with ChemLine® Coating System

David J. Keehan

Robinway Dairy needed to protect the flooring in its Milk House from daily, thorough sanitation cleaning using a chlorinated wash down and quaternary ammonia. The company decided to use APC’s ChemLine® coating to protect three key flooring areas to protect against chemical attack. Download pdf.
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The ChemLine® team recently visited with customers at several industry events including the 2017 Railway Interchange show in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, and the Kormarine 2017 show in Busan, Korea. Both events offered an excellent opportunity to listen to corrosion protection needs and specific applications of customers.

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Protecting Storage Tanks from Hazardous Chemicals
Railway Interchange

A new technical article in PaintSquare, from Kevin S. Balaban, ChemLine® Global Industrial Sales Manager, features how ChemLine® is specified for Tank Lining projects.

The article features several customer success stories, including handling Hydrochloric Acid, Fatty Acid Distillates, Sulfuric Acid, MEG, and other corrosive chemicals. Download pdf.

This existing dirty, greasy epoxy tank lining (below) needed to be blasted and removed, and then the tank was chemically cleaned and prepped. (Bottom) Once the tank was totally clean, it was lined with two coats of ChemLine® to deliver a protective solution for storing corrosive HCI.

Tank was totally cleaned and lined with two coats of ChemLine®
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