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Issue 26
ChemLine® Coatings Provide High Corrosion Protection for Tanks with Aggressive Chemicals

ChemLineChemLine® patented high performance storage tank linings resist corrosion from more than 5,000 types of chemicals, including aggressive acids, alkalis, solvents, CPPs, and edible oils, even at elevated temperatures.

ChemLine® polymer coatings are 97% to 100% solids with extremely low VOCs, making them the preferred lining system for bulk chemical storage tanks. ChemLine® is now in use worldwide at terminal facilities, tank farms, and processing operations with storage tanks. These innovative polymer coatings are formulated to deliver high cross-linking functionality, and are heat cured to create a nearly impermeable barrier.

Special ChemLine® versions are also available for specific requirements including an ethanol formulation for wine and spirits tank storage.

ChemLine® Tanks Storage Applications
Sulphuric Acid & MEG Tank Storage Service

Several tanks at this tank terminal storage facility for chemical company, Likit Kimya, in Adana, Turkey, required high purity storage, and also corrosion protection of the tanks. ChemLine® 784/32 coating was specified to meet these demanding requirements.
LEFT: New tanks use ChemLine® 784/32 for Sulphuric Acid service (red color).
RIGHT: MEG storage tanks use ChemLine® 784/32 (grey color).
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Sulphuric Acid Tank Storage Service

Tanks at this tank terminal storage facility in Barranquilla, located on the north coast of Colombia, required special lining protection to handle corrosive Sulphuric Acid.
LEFT: Monómeros Colombo Venezolanos’ facility in Colombia.
RIGHT: Prior to being put into service, the ChemLine® coating in the tank is spark tested as part of a thorough inspection process.
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Maintaining Product Purity in Edible Oil Storage Tanks

AVES is one of the largest Edible Oil Producers in Turkey and operates a facility in Mersin, on the Mediterranean coast of southern Turkey. AVES requested that Marine Line Coating San.İç ve Dış Tic.A.S. coat four carbon steel tanks (a total of 1,000 square meters) at Mersin that are used for fatty acid distillates (Fatty Acids) storage at ambient temperature.
LEFT: Four storage tanks at AVES.
RIGHT: An inside look at one of the storage tanks shows the unique ChemLine® 784/32 tightly cross-linked polymer coating technology.
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Wine and Spirits Tanks

A wine and spirits producer had problems with corrosion in stainless steel and carbon processing and storage tanks. ChemLine® EF was used for corrosion protection and to ensure the lining did not impart any taste or odor to the contents.
LEFT: Severe tank corrosion issues.
RIGHT: ChemLine® as applied solved all problems.

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