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Issue 22
ChemLine® Delivers Superb Corrosion Protection for Lining Cargo Tanks in the Transportation Sector

ChemLineChemLine® is a proven tank lining for high performance chemical corrosion protection in the transportation sector, for thousands of over-the-road tank trailers, ISO containers, rail tankcars and many other types of tanks.

OTR tank with corrosion prior to ChemLine® application
1) Interior pitted OTR tank with corrosion prior to ChemLine® application, and then coated with protective ChemLine®. 2) Manway lid showing corroded rubber lining, due to HCL exposure, and manway lid and surrounding spill area then properly protected with ChemLine® coating. 3) ChemLine® coating application.

Superior elongation properties; the coating ‘flexes’ with the steel substrate during transport to greatly reduce surface cracking
Extremely high chemical resistance against a broad range of aggressive and hazardous chemicals such as strong acids, alkalis, solvents, and oxidizers
Much less weight than rubber linings, for added fuel savings
An extremely smooth surface for easy tank cleaning and versatility to switch and carry a wide range of different cargoes
A durable impact- and abrasion-resistant surface
A coating that is generally recognized as safe (GRAS) for food grade cargoes, and that complies with all FDA regulations
A long history of industrial performance in the chemical and processing industries based on unique patented polymer technology with high cross-linking feature

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