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Issue 20
Applicator ‘Universal Coatings Corporation’ Promotes ChemLine® Protective OTR Tank Linings

UCC prepares OTR tank for heat curing.This is one of a series of articles on applicators who use ChemLine® coatings. It is an educational article on how ChemLine® is applied and used for various protective coating projects.

Universal Coatings Corporation (UCC) is a specialty coatings applicator under the leadership of President Tom Myers. The business was developed by Mr. Myers’ father, who had spent many years lining rail tankcars and working on other coating projects. In 1983, Mr. Myers’ father and his brother started their own application company and got into the tank trailer business. In 1991, Tom Myers’ brother Doug, also joined the company. Since then, the company has become particularly strong in servicing the Over-the-Road tank trailer market in the southern states, and has also applied coatings at numerous in-the-field locations throughout the country.

Myers says the UCC facility in Henry, Tennessee “Applies protective coatings to the insides of OTRs. We receive fabricated OTR tanks, typically 12’ in diameter by up to 50’ long, and also have worked on tanks 15’ in diameter, lining these tanks with various coatings, including ChemLine® from Advanced Polymer Coatings (APC) to protect the steel from the hazardous cargoes they carry. We also coat freestanding storage tanks at our facility that are from 8-10’ in diameter by 12’-40’ long.” Myers points out that Universal Coatings also does field application work, especially for tank storage equipment. “We have much experience in the grape juice industry and have lined over 25 million gallons of storage capacity in various size tanks up to 700,000 gallons in size,” he says.

Getting ChemLine® Specified for Over-the-Road Tankers

ChemLine coating applied to components in the tankToday, Universal Coatings is a supporter of the ChemLine® coating system. UCC works with its customers to get ChemLine® specified when requested. They recommend that customers ask APC to provide laboratory reviews for any chemicals they may want to carry in their tankers.

Myers says that Universal Coatings has a reputation for delivering quality lining applications, with a commitment to excellence, and high craftsmanship. “ChemLine® coatings back us up on this,” he says. “And if small coating problems occur, ChemLine® is easily repaired. We inspect our tanker trailers every year. We find that the ability to do small field repairs when needed, is very important. APC makes this easy for us, by providing small ChemLine® repair kits in pint or quart sizes for these quick repairs.”

Myers points out that Universal Coatings has already lined more than 50 OTR tankers with ChemLine® and has much experience working with the coating. “We recommend ChemLine® to our customers, both for newbuild tankers and for re-coating older tankers. In fact, we just completed 13 new trailers with ChemLine®.”

UCC also offers complete service for its customers. Myers says, “Since we are a Certified Testing (CT) facility, we can do all testing for our customers’ OTR tankers. We take everything out of the tank including valves and check all components. Once all tests are done and tanks are fixed and coated if needed, we then re-assemble the tanker so it can be put back into service.”

For companies interested in reaching Universal Coatings Corporation, email Tom Myers at or call (731) 243-3266.

If you want to learn more about ChemLine® coatings, contact your APC representative, and visit the APC website.