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Issue 17
Transport Resources Relies on ChemLine® for 50-98% Sulfuric Acid Service and Other Chemical Cargoes

Transport Resources Inc. TruckIn the past 40 years, Transport Resources Inc. (TRI), website:, has grown into one of the largest full-service bulk tank trailer leasing companies in North America, with a state-of-the art fleet of 600 units, that includes dry and liquid bulk trailers, intermodal tank containers and chassis, serving clients throughout the United States and Canada. In addition to its leasing OTR tankers to a wide variety of customers, TRI is also a DOT-licensed Freight Broker assisting shippers and carriers in the safe and efficient movement of bulk liquid freight.

The family-run company is now in its third generation, under the leadership of Mr. Ralph Nappi Jr. TRI headquarters is in Matawan, NJ, and the company also has other locations including, Houston & Fort Worth, TX; Chicago, IL; Spartanburg, SC; Greensboro, NC; Portland, OR; Geismar, LA; Atlanta, GA; Mobile, AL; Los Angeles, CA; and Bothwell, Canada.

How the ChemLine® Tank Coating System Helps TRI

Transport Resources Inc. Truck
Typical chemical over-the-road tanker lined with ChemLine® 784/32 provides excellent chemical resistance carrying Sulfuric Acid in concentrations between 50-98%, and other chemicals.

According to Mr. Ralph Nappi III, Vice President of Sales & Maintenance for Transport Resources, “In the past, some of our customers would carry 93-98% Sulfuric Acid concentrations in unlined 407/412 grade stainless steel trailers. But we would see barrel thinning over time to below minimum code thickness as a result of this corrosive chemical, so the trailers had to be removed from service. Additionally, prior to the discovery of ChemLine® 784/32, we had to turn away a certain segment of business because it was not compatible with stainless, rubber or resin lining.”

“Our initial use for ChemLine® 784/32 starting six years ago was to carry Sulfuric Acid in concentrations between 93-98%,” Mr. Nappi explains. TRI has had great results using the ChemLine® coating. “Until recently, our largest use for ChemLine® has been in 50-98% Sulfuric Acid service at ambient temperature.”

Mr. Nappi adds that in the last 12-18 months TRI has begun to branch out using ChemLine®-coated tankers for certain customers hauling products such as Boric Acid, Ferric Chloride, Magnesium Bisulfite, Sodium Bisulfite, Zinc Chloride, and others at near ambient temperatures, with no issue reported.

Transport Resources Inc. Truck
Transport Resources tank trailer (left), and inside shown with ChemLine® coating (right).

The ChemLine® Advantage

In presenting ChemLine® to its customers, Transport Resources talks about the benefits the coating provides. Mr. Nappi states, “We definitely see better corrosion resistance which leads to both longer service life and the ability for our customers to haul products that TRI might otherwise have turned away prior to using ChemLine®. We also note additional benefits being that the ChemLine® lining is very durable. When lining repairs are necessary, they are repaired easily and inexpensively relative to other types of linings we work with.”

He adds that customers who use a ChemLine®-coated trailer in multiple approved services are happy that they have the ability to wash the trailer and haul a completely different product when needed. “This cargo carrying versatility is one of the biggest benefits I see for our customers. They have the ability to switch chemical services between approved products with just a wash. This benefit helps keep up equipment utilization and reduces idle asset time, which greatly increases our customers’ profitability. This cannot usually be done with conventional linings such as rubber or resin,” Mr. Nappi says. “Additionally,” Mr. Nappi adds, “I have been told by some TRI customers currently leasing ChemLine® 784/32 lined trailers, that they were impressed enough by the lining’s performance to line additional units of their own to enhance their asset optimization.”

Transport Resources Inc. Truck

Application of ChemLine® to OTR Tankers

TRI does the vast majority of its ChemLine® 784/32 lining work at Resist-a-Line Industries in Joliet, Illinois. Resist-a-Line has successfully lined both brand new units and also tanks that were used in unlined Sulfuric service for a number of years, on behalf of TRI.

For more information on ChemLine® coatings for your transportation needs, contact your Advanced Polymer Coatings representative.