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Preventing Corrosion -  News on High Performance Coatings for Industry
Issue 14
A Series on Internal & External Coatings for Piping
Protecting Pipes from Internal Corrosion with ChemLine® Coatings

Pipes coated with ChemLineAdvanced Polymer Coatings (APC) provides a wide range of coatings for corrosion protection for tanks and terminals, and many processing and energy facilities. At these operations there is often a network of piping that is exposed either to hazardous chemicals or hazardous environments, and sometimes both. ChemLine® helps to solve these problems with its unique, patented polymer coating systems.

Internal Pipe Corrosion Protection for Sodium Hypochlorite Service

Closeup of pipe coated with ChemLineA leading worldwide cleaning products company called upon APC/MarineLine Turkiye to help safeguard the inside of new 3” stainless steel piping against corrosion from carrying Sodium Hypochlorite. The recommended solution was to line the pipe with ChemLine® 2400/32, a high performance coating with exceptional corrosion protection.

APC/MarineLine Turkiye carried out the complete pipe preparation, coating application, heat curing and final inspection work for the customer at APC’s facilities in Tuzla, Turkey.


The pipes coated with ChemLine® 2400/32 have now been in service for almost 2-1/2 years with no problems and the customer is very pleased with the performance.

More pipes coated with ChemLine

Various photographs show the stainless steel piping that was coated internally with ChemLine® 2400/32.

To contact a ChemLine representative about your next project, send an email to APC, or if you have operations in Turkey, contact Captain Koray Karagoz.