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Issue 13
Solving All Types of Tank Corrosion Issues with ChemLine® Coatings

Advanced Polymer Coatings is asked to work on all types of chemical resistance projects, and many of these are for tanks with a wide range of aggressive exposures, including strong acids, alkalis, gases, solvents and oxidizers. APC’s ChemLine® coatings are engineered using unique polymer technology to deliver excellent resistance. Here are two brief case studies of ChemLine® in action in Turkey, for different applications.

RECKITT BENCKISER - Caustic Soda tank corrosion

Reckitt Beckinser, a leading worldwide consumer brands manufacturer, uses this carbon steel tank in manufacturing detergent products at its operation in Istanbul, Turkey. The carbon steel tank is used when heating and storing caustic soda at 60-70°C. Previously, an epoxy-type coating was used on the outside of the tank, however this had to be re-coated almost every two months due to extensive caustic soda corrosion. APC/MarineLine Turkiye then coated the outer surface of the tanks with ChemLine® coating to prevent the corrosion from the splashing of the caustic soda to solve the problem and prevent further corrosion.

(Left) Caustic soda splashing from inside the tank, was causing corrosion problems on the outside of the tank as shown here.  (Right) This photo, taken TWO years after the tank had been re-coated with ChemLine, shows the coating in good service without any problem.

Tank reconstruction and lining project

In another tank project for a different customer, APC/MarineLine Turkiye was asked to look at a problem with carbon steel tanks that were previously lined with fiberglass but had corroded severely due to reactions with Zinc Sulphate at high temperatures. New fiberglass lining was being applied every three months just to handle this service. After the tanks were then repaired to original condition, APC/MarineLine Turkiye lined them with ChemLine® coating to deliver a much better solution for the customer.

Severe corrosion issues were encountered due to reactions with Zinc Sulphate at high temperatures in these tanks. (Right, top and below) The ChemLine® coating applied internally in the tanks, rectified the corrosion problem. This photo is after four months of the ChemLine® coating in service, with no problems.

For more information on ChemLine® for tank coatings, contact your Advanced Polymer Coatings representative.