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Issue 10
ChemLine® Coatings Deliver Excellent Corrosion Results at Coal-Fired Plant in Turkey

Booster fansChemLine® continues to provide solutions for a range of industrial applications in Turkey, according to APC’s local company based in Istanbul, ‘MarineLine Turkiye.’ The following mini-case study highlights one of these recent successes and illustrates how ChemLine® protective coatings are setting a new benchmark in corrosion protection around the globe.

EREN ENERGY (Eren Enerji)

Coal-fired plant in Turkey.
The Eren Energy (Eren Enerji) coal-fired plant in Turkey.

Earlier this year, the Eren Energy coal-fired power plant in Turkey had two carbon steel booster fans in flue gas desulfurization (FGD) stacks coated. One of the fans was coated with Advanced Polymer Coating’s ChemLine® 2400/32 and the other fan with a competitor’s coating. The main objective of the booster fans is to increase flue gas pressure to promote flow through the ducts and to the top of the chimney.

Close up of booster fan coated with ChemLine® 2400/32

Close up of booster fan coated with ChemLine® 2400/32 protection.

Fan BladeBoth of the carbon steel fans that were coated were exposed to the same corrosive flue gas/chemical service conditions. According to a report from Eren Energy, the high-performance ChemLine® coating performed as expected and the coating continues to provide service. However, the competitor’s coating was virtually destroyed and now needs to be replaced. Eren Energy has specified the ChemLine® 2400/32 system for this other booster fan as they are very pleased with the coating’s performance. To contact a ChemLine representative about your next project, contact APC, or if you have operations in Turkey, contact Captain Koray Karagoz.

(Right) Close-up inspection of fan blade coated with ChemLine® shows excellent performance against corrosive flue gas/chemical service conditions.