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Issue 09
ChemLine Transportation Series
Hüni + Co is Europe’s Leading Tank Container Applicator

Huni HeadquartersIn last month’s issue we introduced ChemLine® coatings for tank container applications, a growing market in the transportation sector. For this issue, we focus on how one company, Hüni GmbH + Co KG, based in Friedrichshafen, Germany, has become an innovative, specialized tanker coatings applicator.

Background on Hüni GmbH + Co KG

Hüni + Co is on the technology edge when it comes to providing highly chemically resistant inner coatings for tank containers, intermediate bulk containers (IBCs), bulk storage tanks and other equipment. The company has been in business since 1859 and has been providing chemical protective coatings and services for 50 years.

A decade ago the company started a relationship with APC and its ChemLine® coatings. According to Mr. Peter Hüni, the company’s President, “Our company was looking to complete our portfolio of high performance coatings with a product that could withstand a wide array of hazardous chemicals. When we realized the excellent chemical resistance benefits that ChemLine® offered, we thought it would be an ideal solution for many of our customers in the chemical transport sector.”

Prepping Tank for ChemLine
(Left) Tank container being internally blasted in accordance with SA 3 (DIN EN ISO 12944-4). (Right) Tank is prepped for two-coat ChemLine® system application, first with a red base coat and followed by a grey top coat. Finishes can be provided as anti-static.

Soon the two companies were working together with ChemLine® providing a superior lining technology, and Hüni + Co ensuring proper surface preparation, application and heat curing. After application, careful and controlled heat curing takes place. Thermocouples are strategically placed in the tank, transmitting temperatures to a chart recorder. A graphical representation of the recorded data is produced to prove the time/temperature correlation in line with quoted specifications. The final result? A smooth, semi-gloss finish of the ChemLine® 784 coating that provides unprecedented chemical resistance, even at elevated temperatures.

Coating and testing tank
(Left and Center) Following the red base coat, key areas within the tank are stripe coated prior to top coat application. (Right) Spark testing with high voltage in accordance with DIN 55670–A.

Hüni + Co follows strict quality standards in its application process. Hüni closely monitors quality throughout the application process and prepares data dossiers for customers requiring evidence of compliance. These include recording of curing temperatures and times, visual inspection of the tank container, layer thickness measurements (approximately 100 measuring points per tank container in the final test), certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001/2008, spark test with high voltage in accordance with DIN 55670–A, testing and recording of the electrical conductivity and work certificates.

Mr. Hüni states that his company’s clients, including many of Europe’s major tank container operators, manufacturers and leasing companies, now specify ChemLine® as the tank lining of choice for all types of aggressive chemical cargoes, clean petroleum products, edible oils and other cargoes.

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