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Preventing Corrosion -  News on High Performance Coatings for Industry
Issue 08
ChemLine Transportation Series
Tank Containers Use ChemLine® Coatings for Added Protection

ChemLine® coatings from Advanced Polymer Coatings are used throughout the transportation sector to carry a wide range of chemicals. This includes: Tank Containers, Over-the-Road Tanker Trailers, Tank Rail Cars, Barges, and other transport vehicles. In the next few issues of the “Preventing Corrosion” e-newsletter we will focus on various forms of transport using ChemLine® coatings.

ChemLine® inner tank coatings
ChemLine® inner tank coatings provide superior chemical resistance to a wide array of hazardous chemicals, even at elevated temperatures.

A Specific Niche for Tank Containers

For carrying aggressive chemicals and similar liquids, patented ChemLine® tank linings are specified for tank containers to provide corrosion protection in harsh operating conditions. ChemLine®’s unique cross-linked polymer structure does not allow a chemical cargo to permeate the lining, thus providing corrosion protection and ensuring product purity. According to Martin Kilroe, APC Global Tank Container Manager, “ChemLine® 784 coatings are formulated with high performance organic and inorganic polymers that cure to create a densely cross-linked and nearly impermeable barrier. ChemLine® has a very high solids content, with extremely low volatile organic compounds (VOCs).”

To meet the needs of tank container owners and transport managers, APC manufactures two specific coatings -- ChemLine® 784/32 for low temperature applications and ChemLine® 784/31 for high temperature needs.

Kilroe says that nearly 6,000 chemicals and products are shown in the company’s ChemLine® Chemical Resistance Guide, covering a wide range of acids, alkalis, and solvents, including organics. Temperature resistance capability ranges from 50°C to 150°C, depending on the chemical being carried.

ChemLine® 784/32 is also specified for carrying food grade cargoes and at food processing facilities. The coating is generally recognized as safe (GRAS) for food grade cargoes, and the coating complies with the FDA and all applicable food additive regulations.

Proper application

(Above) Proper application, heat curing and inspection (below) are vital to ensure ChemLine® performs to its full capability in tank innovation.

ChemLine® offers the flexibility to change cargoes after simple cleaning and decontamination

ChemLine® offers the flexibility to change cargoes after simple cleaning and decontamination.

Contact APC To Learn More

For more information, contact APC’s Martin Kilroe, to learn how ChemLine® coatings can protect your tank containers and deliver exceptional value for the chemical transport industry.