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Preventing Corrosion -  News on High Performance Coatings for Industry
Issue 07
New APC Facebook Page Articulates Corrosion Resistance Capabilities

Advanced Polymer Coatings, manufacturer of the well-known coatings brands, MarineLine®, ChemLine®, and PipeLine®, is now rolling out its new corporate Facebook page.

APC on Facebook

Why did APC create a new Facebook presence?

There are many ways in which Advanced Polymer Coatings reaches out to customers, key contacts and friends in the industry. Via advertising, articles in the trade magazines, visits at trade fairs, emarketing newsletters, mailers, and face to face meetings. Facebook is a new media outlet that has emerged and become quite popular, especially in ‘personal’ relationships, and it is now moving into the business world too. APC wants to stay on the leading edge of this social media outlet, and thus, has built a new Facebook business site to complement its traditional website.

What are the contents?

Please like us on FacebookFacebook allows you to create up to 12 APP pages, plus a main page. We have highlighted our...

Product – MarineLine® coatings
Product – ChemLine® coatings
Product – PipeLine® coatings

Enewsletter – ChemLine® “Preventing Corrosion”
Enewsletter – MarineLine® “Profitable Tanker”

News – Updates on key articles
News – All upcoming APC tradeshows
News – APC product videos

Literature – All APC literature on MarineLine®, ChemLine® and PipeLine® coatings, and other important information. In addition to an English version, some of these brochures are also available in other languages including: Spanish, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian, with new versions in German and Korean coming soon.

Likes – Allows you to sign up for free news feed from APC

Photos – Many application photos

How will it help you?

If you already are a Facebook user, all you need to do is visit the APC Facebook page and hit the LIKE button. That will guarantee that you always get a news update when APC posts news to its Facebook page. Of course, if you haven’t signed up yet for a Facebook page, that would be the first step. It is easy and free, so do it now.

We look forward to reaching out to you through Facebook as we continue to promote this performance theme:

APC - To Transport and Store Chemicals, Specify PipeLine, MarineLine and ChemLine