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Issue 06

Chemline Case Study in Action
ChemLine® 784/32 Protects Oilfield
Tanks in Mexico

This case study, from Advanced Polymer Coatings México S.A. de C.V, based in Naucalpan, Mexico, presents protective coatings work done for an equipment supplier to PEMEX (Petróleos Mexicanos, the Mexican state-owned petroleum company).

The Need

The supplier to PEMEX provides a range of equipment and project management services for the exploration, drilling and recovery of crude oil.

Advanced Polymer Coatings México was contracted by the supplier over several months to coat and protect more than 1,800 square meters of equipment such as fracking tanks and over-the-road tankers used to transport chemicals such as the Xylol, Hydrochloric Acid, Xylene, and other specially developed fracking chemicals.

Several of the 12 over-the-road tankers being prepared for internal lining with ChemLine® 784/32.

Work Conducted by APC Mexico

This project consisted of lining of 5 fracking tanks constructed of carbon steel, and 12 over-the-rail tanker cars, (of which 10 were made of stainless steel and 2 were carbon steel), and related equipment. All vessels and equipment were lined with ChemLine® 784/32, the patented high functionality polymer coating from Advanced Polymer Coatings in Avon, Ohio, USA. Additionally one vessel was also protected with a specially formulated ChemLine® coating to provide abrasion-resistance service since this vessel handled an erosive product. Fracking equipment accessories were also coated with ChemLine® 784/32 including pipe discharges, caps, flanges, etc.

(Left) Fracking tank being readied for internal lining application of ChemLine® 784/32. (Right) Inspecting the ChemLine® 784/32 protective coating.

After the coating was applied, it was cured with forced hot air at a temperature of 120°C for 6 hours. This cure provided ChemLine® 784/32 with a high cross-link density with significant corrosion resistance.

All application work was done in a carefully regulated warehouse environment to control all details of the application process. The ChemLine® 784/32 system was applied approximately in two layers of 6-8 mil each (dry thickness) with close monitoring of film thickness, continuity, curing and hardness.

Excellent Service Results

Apart from just the various fracking chemicals transported, ChemLine® 784/32 can also handle many thousands of chemical products including a wide range of acids, alkalis, and solvents.

(Left) Inside view showing grey ChemLine®-coated partition inside an over-the-roader tanker trailer, and (center) drain pipe area. (Right) More fracking equipment and accessories also coated with ChemLine® 784/32.

After coating the equipment with ChemLine® 784/32, the equipment was put into service safely supplying chemicals to the oilfields with excellent results.

For more information on how ChemLine® Coatings can solve your corrosion problems, contact your ChemLine® Representative and visit the Advanced Polymer Coatings website.