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Issue 04

Chemline Case Study in Action
ChemLine® Solves Sulphuric Acid & MEG Tank Storage Requirements in Turkey

Several tanks at this tank terminal storage facility for chemical company, Likit Kimya, required high purity storage, and also corrosion protection of the tanks. ChemLine® 784/32 coating was specified to meet these demanding requirements.

Inside TankBackground

At Likit Kimya’s operation in Adana, located on the south coast of Turkey, two new storage tanks were constructed to store Mono Ethylene Glycol (MEG), and another new tank was built to store Sulphuric Acid, a highly corrosive chemical.

Each carbon steel tank (shown in these photos) is 21 meters high, and 14 meters in diameter, and holds 3,000 cbm.

Likit Kimya specified ChemLine® 784/32 from Advanced Polymer Coatings as the tank lining based on another successful application of ChemLine® 784/32 at the company’s Sulphuric Acid storage tank at Marmara Eregli (Turkey). That tank was coated with ChemLine 784/32 and has been successfully operating for one and half years without any corrosion problems.

For the three new tanks in Adana, two coats were applied to each tank. For the MEG tanks, a red base coat was first applied, followed by the grey topcoat. For the Sulphuric Acid tank, both the basecoat and topcoat were done in red, as requested.

The application work was done by TEGEM, a national and international contractor blasting and coating company, based in Tuzla, Istanbul, Turkey. The inspection work and heat curing of the coating was completed by MarineLine Turkey. Average DFT was 350 microns.


Likit Kimya selected ChemLine® 784/32 for the MEG tanks to ensure high purity storage due to the coating’s nearly impermeable polymer-based structure. For the Sulphuric Acid storage application, the coating delivers excellent chemical resistance. All tanks are now working in full service.

For more information on how ChemLine® Coatings can solve your corrosion problems, contact your ChemLine® Representative and visit the Advanced Polymer Coatings website.