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Tanker Shipping & Trade
Tanker Shipping & Trade

Little over a year since its first application in Korea, the MarineLine coating from US company Advanced Polymer Coatings is finding favour as a lining of choice for cargo spaces on chemical tankers being built by the world's leading shipbuilding nation.

Just one year ago, the 3,500 dwt Samho Snipe was coated with MarineLine for Samho Shipping Co. A total of 10 tanks were coated on this vessel. During the rest of 2006, four additional vessels were coated, each of approximately 13,000 dwt with 14 tanks, bringing the year-end total to five ships. Already in 2007, there are 27 more ships that have already been or that will be coated with MarineLine, and in 2008, a total of 24 ships are under contract to be coated.

The next delivery is for Daelim H&I Co. Ltd., based in Seoul. Its newest ship, the 13,000 dwt Type II DL Aster, with 14 tanks carrying ABS classification, is slated for delivery in October.

According to Don Keehan, chairman of Advanced Polymer Coatings, one of the keys to success in Korea has been the first-rate inspection and heat curing work being done by MarineLine Korea, under the guidance of its chief executive officer, Mr. SK Son.