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APC Sees a Positive 2011 unfolding


APC Coating System
Newbuildings and re-coatings' surge seen this year.

According to Donald Keehan, chairman of Advanced Polymer Coatings (APC), the company is seeing a surge in business activity for 2011 in the newbuilding sector, as well as new interest emerging from the re-coating market.

Keehan explained that he expects about 60 chemical tankers will be coated in 2011 with the high-performance MarineLine® 784 system. This includes 30 newbuilds in Turkey, and 30 more newbuilds in the Asian shipyards of South Korea and China.

More shipowners are turning to MarineLine® 784 as the preferred lining, due to the excellent flexibility it provides the shipowner/charterer in handling a wide range of chemical cargoes, including methanol, acetic and other acids, and caustics.

Even shipowners who mostly use stainless steel tank systems are picking up vessels that are already lined with MarineLine® 784 coating in order to complement their fleets. They are chartering these vessels to see how they perform with the coating in broad range of chemical cargoes to add versatility to their fleets.

Re-coating market

Keehan pointed out that the re-coating market is also generating a lot of interest for APC. Last year, the company instituted a new pricing structure for MarineLine® 784 to make it virtually cost comparable to conventional phenolic epoxies.

This is allowing shipowners, especially those in the product tanker market, to obtain a better performing and more versatile tank coating, while staying cost competitive. "We have taken a very aggressive stance on pricing in order to provide a very high return on investment to the shipowner," Keehan claimed.

APC said that the timing is perfect for this price move as shipowners are retrofitting and refurbishing older product tankers to now carry newer types of cargoes such as biofuels, a particular sector growing at an estimated 15% per annum.

However, shipowners are concerned about carrying biofuels due to the corrosive nature of the cargoes and their detrimental effect and breakdown of conventional tank coatings. MarineLine®'s unique corrosion-resistant coating is an ideal answer, the company said.

Other increasingly specified product tanker cargoes include the range of CPPs, PFADs, and methanol, all which can be carried in tanks coated with MarineLine® 784.