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SMM Update - Advanced Polymer Coatings


APC is celebrating its 100th tanker coating with the MarineLine® tank lining system.

The 100th ship is the 7,000 DWT Pakri Victory, owned by Turkey’s MedMarine Group. This newbuild has been constructed at the new Eregli Shipyard, on the Black Sea, in Turkey, which is owned by MedMarine and which recently opened as one of Turkey’s largest shipyards. The Pakri Victory is the first of five chemical tankers being constructed by MedMarine at the yard. Two additional 7,000 DWT tankers are being constructed, as well as two others of 11,240 DWT, and all will be coated with MarineLine®.

What has been driving this success? Accoring to APC, it is performance. MarineLine® has outperformed stainless steel and/or coatings such as epoxies. It is the only coating capable of handling the full range of range of IMO approved chemical cargoes.

Additionally, independent lab tests verify that MarineLine®’s unique cross-linked polymer structure does not allow the chemical cargo to permeate the lining. This answers the critical need to assure product purity, the driving factor that chemical companies look for when transporting their cargoes on the high seas.

Lastly, with Marineline®’s hard and slippery surface, ship owners have found that tank cleaning is fast and easy. Ship owners are getting a quicker turnaround in port, allowing the ship to return to sea faster. MarineLine® also ensures that different cargoes can be carried back to back, thus removing the sequencing that is mandated for other tank coatings and stainless steel.