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Product Purity

Aves group of companies is one of the largest edible oil producers in Turkey, operating a facility in Mersin, a port city on the country’s Mediterranean coast.

The group trades diesel and crude sunflower seed oil, investing in a multi-seed crushing, refining and biodiesel production plant.

Previously Aves had 14 carbon steel storage tanks at the Mersin facility lined with the ChemLine® 784/32 coating system from Advanced Polymer Coatings. Aves was pleased with the high purity performance of the ChemLine® coating, and also with the experienced crews doing the application and inspection work from APC’s Turkish operations in Tuzla, Marine Line Coating San Ic ve Dis Tic AS.

The inside of the storage tanks were coated with tightly cross-linked polymer coating technology. This ensures a non-permeable surface, ideal for holding edible oils as it minimises any cargo absorption and assures product purity.

Aves recently requested Marine Line Coating to coat four additional carbon steel tanks (a total of 1,000 sqm) at Mersin that are used for fatty acid distillates storage at ambient temperature.

This coating was claimed to be once again a success and the tanks are now in service. So to date, 18 tanks have now been coated with ChemLine® 784/32 at the facility, and in 2015 Aves is constructing additional storage tanks, and again is coating these with ChemLine®.