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Green Coating for chemical tankers

Advanced Polymer Coatings of the USA is promoting the ‘green technology’ of its tank lining system, developed to protect chemical tankers and their cargoes.

The company says that MarineLine® coatings technology is formulated on a tightly knit, cross-linked organic-inorganic polymer structure, that when heat cured, creates a nearly impermeable barrier. The coating is claimed to resist chemical attack from a wide range of aggressive cargoes and assures product purity from port to port, virtually eliminating tainted cargoes, a problem that can occur with conventional coatings.

This product is formulated to provide a smooth, hard, surface to simplify tank cleaning. Using MarineLine® reduces the amount of cleaning chemicals used, and saves on energy required for cleaning equipment. The company says that faster cleaning leads to prompt turnaround, so chemical carriers can go back into service quickly, maximising the use of the vessels.

MarineLine®, which the company refers to as ‘liquid stainless steel’ is coated directly onto the carbon steel substrate of the ship’s tanks. This replaces the need to fabricate tanks made of stainless steel. It is estimated by APC that a carbon steel tank coated with MarineLine® can cost less that one-sixth for an equivalent tank fabricated in stainless steel, thus further preserving resources of the shipowner and shipyard, an additional ‘green’ benefit.

Hundreds of ships have been coated with MarineLine® in shipyards worldwide, including Turkey, where many specialised chemical transport ships are built. In the last seven years, over 150 vessels have received MarineLine® coatings at Turkish yards. Over 40 shipyards in Turkey perform MarineLine® spray application and heat curing.