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Bio-based coating under development

Advanced Polymer Coatings and Reactive Surfaces  have signed a Letter of Intent to combine their technologies in a joint venture to develop exterior marine coatings with bio-based additives for submersed hull surfaces.

Together the firms intend to develop new environmentally-benign, bio-based, functional marine coatings for the maritime industry. These new coatings will utilize surface-modifying additives designed to meet or exceed the efficacy of current marine coatings. The companies are gearing up to take advantage of the rapidly growing, world-wide drive toward non-toxic, low drag underwater vessel surfaces with a goal of increasing ‘slip’ through the water, a major goal of shipowners and operators.

“This new generation of exterior underwater coatings will expand our offering to the marine industry. We plan in the years ahead to take advantage of the growing ’green’ trend for non-toxic, low drag underwater vessel surfaces by introducing Reactive Sciences’ bio-based functionality into new coatings using natural biomaterials, such as proteins and peptides,” says Donald J. Keehan, APC’s chairman.

Dr. Steven McDaniel, managing partner of Surface Technologies explains” “Bio-based functionality employs natural biomaterials, such as proteins and peptites, to provide an enormous resource of functional additives that are non-persistent in the environment, non-toxic and renewable. By focusing on the unique and specific binding properties of these biomolecules, our bio-based additives create an innovative function to coatings systems called ‘rechargeability.’ By being able to change or renew functionality with recoating, a new effective dimension is added to the coated marine surface.”