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MarineLine® Enewsletter
Profitable Tanker

The MarineLine® cargo tank coating sometimes “competes” for a shipowners’s attention with other cargo tank coatings, including a ‘bimodal’ formulation made by an international coatings company, and Phenol Epoxy. APC is often asked to differentiate MarineLine® from this ‘bimodal’ coating as there are some in the industry who are led to believe these coatings are similar. This is NOT SO. Learn more.

ChemLine® Enewsletter
Preventing Corrosion

Transport Resources relies on ChemLine® for 50-98% Sulfuric Acid service and other chemical cargoes. TRI has had great results using the ChemLine® coating. Until recently, TRI's largest use for ChemLine® has been in 50-98% Sulfuric Acid service at ambient temperature. Learn more.

Advanced Polymer Coatings Achieves ADR Approval for Transport of Dangerous Goods in Tanks

APC has received approval from the Turkish Standards Institution (TSE) for the company’s MarineLine® and ChemLine® coatings products, according to ADR regulations for road tanker transportation. Learn more.


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